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Sunday School

We believe Sunday School is the best place to develop godly relationships while you study the Bible together, fellowship together, and serve together.

Young Adult Classes

Median and Senior Adult Classes

Young Married Class 
Married, 18-30, Co-Ed

Teachers - Clay and Brooke Thomas

Room 11

Faithful Friends (Women)

Teachers - Melissa Smith and Darby Benfield

Room 28

Unashamed (Co-Ed)

Teacher - Adam Ferrell

Room 8

Couples for Christ (Co-Ed)

Teachers - Hank & Anna Wheeler and Mike & Robyn Cuneo

Room 17

The Rescued (Co-Ed)

Teachers - Randy McIntosh, Scott Mattox, Allison Herrin

Room 22

Soul Sisters (Women)

Teachers - Rebecca Thigpen and Angel Knowlton

Room 26

Young Men (Men) 

Teacher - Dan Bennett, Jr. 

Room 24

Young Professionals
Singles, 18-30, Co-Ed

Teacher - Scott Mattox

Room 31

Seeking Sisters (Women)

Teacher - Linda James

Room 6

Workers for Christ (Women)

Teacher - Brenda Howard

Room 14

Farr's Fellowship (Co-Ed)

Teachers - Danny Hyers and James Bennett

Room 16

Alathean (Women, 60+)

Teacher - Lou Ann Carter

Room 32

Misfits (Men's, 60+)

Teachers - Bill Cason, Dr. Don Waters, and Roy Gilleon

Room 7

Faith Walkers (Women)

Teachers - Janet Taylor and Paige Ferrell

Room 12

M.I.A (Men)

Teacher - Fred Turner

Room 10

The Turning Point (Co-Ed)

Teacher - Albert Sutton


Enriched (Co-Ed, 60+)

Teacher - Linda Dire

Room 13

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